11 Most Expensive Chicken Breeds In The World

Most backyard chicken keepers have heard of common breeds like Orpingtons or Rhode Island Reds.

But have you ever heard of Dong Taos or Deathlayer?

These chickens are some of the most expensive in the world.

Many of these expensive breeds are in high demand and extremely rare and difficult to find.

Although chickens are generally cheap to buy and keep there are some breeds out there that will cost a pretty penny to own.

We have gathered a list of 11 of the most expensive chicken breeds in the world.

Keep on reading to learn more…

11. Brahma

Buff Brahma In A Flock

The Brahma chicken is nicknamed the King of Poultry because of their extremely large size.

Roosters can weigh up to 18 pounds and hens up to 14 pounds.

There are a few reasons why Brahma chickens are so expensive. As expected from their size, the Brahma is an excellent table bird. They are also great egg layers and lay beautiful large brown eggs.

They also have a great personality.

This breed is quiet and not-aggressive which makes them perfect for families.

At one point in history Brahma chickens cost up to $150 for a pair of chickens – this was mostly due to their spike in popularity in England during the 1800s.

Today Brahma hatching eggs cost $3 each and chicks cost $7.

Brahma Chicken Price
Eggs $3 per egg.
Chicks $7 each.

10. Orust

The Orust chicken is an extremely rare breed that comes from Sweden.

This breed is said to have come from the Orust islands where they were fed on the fish leftovers of local fishermen who raised them. Sadly in 2013 there were less than 500 Orust chickens in the world, and today they are still in danger of extinction.

Orust chickens have a mosaic-like and spotted appearance. They are generally a patterned black and white.

Their high price is mainly due to their rarity.

It is very unlikely you will find Orust chickens for sale. However if you do find them you should expect to pay around $30 per chick.

Hatching eggs will cost you $10 per egg and pullets cost $60.

Orust Chicken Price
Eggs $10 per egg.
Chicks $30 each.
Pullets $60 each.

9. Olandsk Dwarf

The Olandsk Dwarf chicken is an extremely rare breed that originally comes from Sweden.

They are named after the island they come from (Oland).

There are several reasons for this breed’s high price tag.

First of all this breed is extremely rare. It is said that at one point only fifty of these chickens existed in the world. Although their population has grown since that point they are still endangered.

Their population is still in the mere hundreds.

Secondly this breed’s coveted small size is all natural. Olandsk Dwarf chickens are a landrace chicken which means they have developed without any human intervention or selective breeding.

This breed developed into what we call a true bantam.

Finally their personalities are king.

They are very friendly which makes them perfect for families with children and other pets. They also get along well with other breeds.

If you can get your hands on them then expect to pay around $8 for one hatching egg.

Olandsk Dwarf Chicks can cost up to $100 and pullets are generally not available due to their extreme rarity.

Olandsk Dwarf Chicken Price
Eggs $8 per egg.
Chicks $100+.

8. Sussex

Sussex Chicken

The Sussex chicken is a very popular breed that originally comes from Sussex in England.

You can find this breed in white, silver and brown buff, but the speckled variety is the most popular one.

Speckled Sussex chickens generally have colorful specks of color over their body. Although they are an English breed they are also recognized in the United States. For the speckled variation their colors help them camouflage from potential predators – this makes them excellent chickens for free ranging. This breed is known to be excellent at foraging and love to roam the fields.

There are several reasons why this chicken is expensive:

  1. The Sussex chicken is an excellent dual-purpose breed.
  2. Many Sussex chickens can lay eggs throughout the wintertime.
  3. Sussex chickens are also pleasing to the eye and enjoyable to look at.

Finally they have a calm temperament and also make excellent family pets. With all these reasons it is no wonder why these chickens are extremely popular and therefore expensive.

Sussex chicken hatching eggs will cost around $10, chicks will cost $25 each and pullets will cost you around $50 each.

Sussex Chicken Price
Eggs $10 per egg.
Chicks $25 each.

7. Bresse

Bresse Chicken

Finding a Bresse chicken is not simple unless you happen to live in Bresse (France).

Wherever you get a Bresse chicken from you can trace their lineage back to the eastern side of France.

If you found your Bresse chicken in the United States then chances are this is a different breed known as an American Bresse.

The Bresse chicken’s expensive price tag is mainly due to their rarity.

They are nicknamed the queen of chickens because of their excellent meat.

You can find this breed in a couple of varieties including: white, black, blue and gray. Interestingly the white Bresse variety, with a red comb, white body and blue legs, resembles the flag of France.

Although it is extremely difficult to find a Bresse chicken to buy, it is not impossible.

They will cost about $4 per hatching egg, $10 per chick and $30 for a pullet.

Bresse Chicken Price
Eggs $4 per egg.
Chick $10 per chick.

6. Swedish Black

The Swedish Black chicken is also known as the Svart Hona.

Like other chickens in this list they also have a striking all black appearance. Just like the Ayam Cemani they have this black color because of a mutation called fibromelanosis. Fibromelanosis is a condition where the body produces too much dark pigment and causes the chicken to turn black.

This breed is all black from their head to their toes. However their feathers are known to have shimmers of green and purple.

The Svart Hona is a landrace breed which means they have naturally adapted to their environment. As a result they are extremely flexible and especially tolerable of the cold.

Because they are cold hardy they will also lay throughout the winter time.

The high price of the Swedish Black chicken is mostly due to their rarity. To put into perspective this breed is much rarer than the Ayam Cemani and is one of the rarest in the world.

Swedish Black chicken hatching eggs will cost about $13 per egg. If you are trying to buy chicks then be prepare to pay around $100 per chick.

Due to their rarity pullets are generally not available.

Swedish Black Chicken Price
Eggs $13 per egg.
Chick $100 per chick.

5. Kadaknath


The Kadaknath chicken is an extremely rare chicken breed.

This chicken originates from India and many tribal communities in Madhya Pradesh still raise this chicken.

Similar to many other rare and expensive chicken breeds the Kadaknath chicken is expensive because of their black appearance and black meat.

Another reason why this breed is so expensive is because people believe this breed has medicinal healing qualities. Some people believe this chicken can treat nervous disorders, pulmonary issues and other similar ailments.

Kadaknath chickens are extremely rare.

You can expect to pay around a dollar for each hatching egg. However what makes them expensive is that minimum orders usually run at 250 eggs.

Kadaknath Chicken Price
Eggs $1 per egg.
Pullets $2500 per pair.

4. Deathlayer

Purely based on their name you would expect a Deathlayer chicken to be as black as the Ayam Cemani.

However this chicken is actually white and speckled.

You can even find them in gold and silver variations with a small red comb.

It is rumored that the Deathlayer chicken got their name for the hen’s ability to lay eggs until the day she dies.

This breed is capable of laying six to seven eggs a week.

While most breeds generally stop or slow their laying after a few years the Deathlayer will continue to lay throughout her life.

This breeds originally comes from Germany. In fact Deathlayers are also called Totleger, which means deathlayer or day layer in German. They are a landrace breed which means they have developed naturally without any human breeding interference.

Deathlayer chicks will cost about $100 each. Hatching eggs cost approximately $14 but this depends on where you buy them from. Pullets are high in demand and typically not available for purchase.

Deathlayer Chicken Price
Eggs $14 per egg.
Chick $100 each.

3. Liege Fighter

The Liege Fighter chicken is another very expensive chicken breed.

Also known as the Luikse Vechter, this breed is a Belgium game fowl that was used for cockfighting and entertainment.

They are believed to be a cross between large Asiatic breeds and the Bruges Game bird.

Sadly because of this breed’s aggression and size they were often used for cockfighting.

Their size is one of the many reasons why this bird has such a hefty price tag. Roosters are over 30 inches tall and can weigh up to 12 pounds – that is two times the size of the average American game fowl.

Although they are known to be aggressive and intimidating, Liege Fighters are actually very friendly with their human owners.

This powerful breed will cost you anywhere from $55-$100 for a chick. Pullets will be more expensive at around $150.

If you are lucky enough to find hatching eggs then expect to pay around $120 for a dozen.

Liege Fighter Chicken Price
Eggs $8 per egg.
Chick $55-$100.
Pullet $150+.

2. Dong Tao

Dong Tao

The Dong Tao chicken is known for their excellent meat and this is what makes them so very expensive.

Dong Taos come from Vietnam and are well known for their extremely thick dragon-like scaly legs. For reference their thigh size is a similar size to a human wrist.

Their big price tag is due to several factors.

It is said that the Dong Tao’s meat is the most delicious of all chicken breeds. This results in high demand to the point where the production of the Dong Tao cannot keep up. Additionally the breed itself is already rare and this only adds to the extreme demand for this breed.

Interestingly the Dong Tao was once a delicacy only served to royalty.

They are definitely a table bird as hens only lay 60 eggs a year.

Because of this breed’s large feet and size, the hens find it difficult to incubate their eggs properly. So now farmers will use incubators to hatch the eggs instead.

This breed can usually only be purchased from Vietnam and a pair of adult Dong Tao chickens will cost $2500 – about $1250 per chicken.

Hatching eggs can be found for about $8 each if you are lucky.

Chicks and pullets are typically not available due to their rarity.

Dong Tao Chicken Price
Eggs $8 per egg.
Breeding Pair $2500 per pair.

1. Ayam Cemani

Ayam Cemani

When talking about expensive chicken breeds there is one that immediately comes to mind: the Ayam Cemani

This breed is nicknamed the Lamborghini of all chicken breeds because of their price, rarity and prestige.

The Ayam Cemani chicken comes from Java (Indonesia) and is considered an extremely rare breed. They are all black in appearance and even their meat and bones are black because of a condition called fibromelanosis.

Fibromelanosis is a condition of excess dark pigment in the body that causes a striking black appearance. Interestingly although everything about them is completely black they lay cream colored eggs!

Some people believe that the Ayam Cemani chicken has special powers – like the ability to heal and communicate with spirits. As a result their body parts are often used in certain types of traditional medicine.

They are also considered tokens of good luck.

Although they are well known amongst backyard chicken fans they are still not recognized by the American Poultry Association.

You can expect to pay around $160 for a dozen Ayam Cemani chicken hatching eggs.

Unsexed chicks cost about $50 each and pullets are typically not available.

A breed pair of adults will cost around $5000 per pair!

Ayam Cemani Price
Eggs $160 per dozen.
Chick $50 each.
Breeding Pair $5000 per pair.


All of these breeds mentioned are expensive and chicken keepers will keep them for a variety of reasons.

Some of these reasons include the prestige of owning an expensive chicken. While others will simply keep them for their unique looks.

The breeds mentioned above are truly extraordinary.

It is no wonder they cost a fortune to buy and own. In addition to being expensive most of these breeds are very rare. Only a select few breeders carry the breeds and in most cases there are very long waiting lists.

Hopefully you have learned a lot about these expensive chicken breeds in this article.

If you had the money which breed would you add to your flock?

Was the price tag of the chickens far higher than what you imagined them to be? Let us know in the comments section below…

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