Top 10 Largest Chicken Breeds Cover

Top 10 Largest Chicken Breeds

Chickens come in a wide variety of sizes. While most breeds weigh around 6 pounds, large chicken breeds can weigh anywhere from 8-15 pounds. Some of the most popular large breeds are Orpingtons and Brahmas. These gentle giants are beautiful so it is not hard Read More →

The 17 Best Pet Duck Breeds For Backyards Cover

The 17 Best Pet Duck Breeds For Backyards

When most people think of backyard poultry, they think about chickens. But did you know that domesticated ducks also make great additions to homesteads? Whether you are interested in collecting eggs every morning; planning on winning a poultry show; or just want a loving pet Read More →

Rhode Island Red Chicks Top 5 Best Hatcheries Cover

Rhode Island Red Chicks: Top 5 Best Hatcheries

Are you looking to add more chickens to your flock? The Rhode Island Red is the perfect candidate as they will provide your family with lots of eggs and entertain you with their big personalities. If your local chick seller does not have Rhode Island Read More →