Buy Chickens Online Top 12 Best Hatcheries Cover

Buy Chickens Online: Top 12 Best Hatcheries

In recent years more and more people have been turning to hatcheries in order to buy chickens online. Not only do online chicken hatcheries give you the added benefit of having your chicks delivered to your door, but they also have a much wider variety Read More →

Do Roosters Lay Eggs? All You Need To Know

Do Roosters Lay Eggs? All You Need To Know

A fairly common question that I get asked is do roosters lay eggs? The short answer is your rooster will never lay any eggs. But to fully understand this answer you will require some knowledge of poultry biology and anatomy. Only hens are able to Read More →

Raising Guinea Fowl 11 Must Know Tips Cover

Raising Guinea Fowl: 11 Must Know Tips

The Romans may have conquered the ancient world, but they did not conquer the Guinea Fowl’s desire to be free. Let this be your warning! While they may not be the smartest bird around, they are funny to watch and listen to. Some of their Read More →