The 9 Rarest Chicken Breeds In The World Cover

The 9 Rarest Chicken Breeds In The World

The rarity of a chicken breed is a somewhat subjective thing. How many times have you seen chickens advertised as rare or even extremely rare only to find that while the breed may be uncommon it is not in fact that rare? Today we are Read More →

The Complete History Of Chickens From Jungles To Backyards Cover

Complete Cochin Chicken Guide: 6 Must Read Facts

The Cochin chicken is a tremendously popular hen with backyard chicken keepers and enthusiasts. She is one big ball of fluffy love. These gently and docile chickens can even become house pets because they are so lovable and affectionate. Whilst they are not known to Read More →

Polish Chicken All You Need To Know Cover

Polish Chicken: All You Need To Know

The Polish chicken is a magnificent sight to behold. Their head feathers are a head turner and a fashion statement for sure – once you see on these lovely birds they certainly leave an impression on you. Although they were once considered a good egg Read More →