Egg Float Test Fact Or Fiction? Cover

Egg Float Test: Fact Or Fiction?

The egg float test has been around for a very long time. It is a useful and fast way to check if eggs are fresh and safe to eat. The interesting thing is nobody really knows how it came to be and where this test Read More →

Vicki’s Flock and the “Taj Ma Coop”

I am so excited to introduce you all to our January Chicken Keeper! Her name is Vicki and she has quite the farm! Some of us baked bread during COVID, Vicky and her family went all in on building an amazing homestead. Here is her Read More →

What Do Ducks Eat? In The Wild And As Pets Cover

What Do Ducks Eat? In The Wild And As Pets

Ducks always seem to make you smile. Their funny waddling walk and permanent smile on their beaks makes it hard to not give them treats. Everyone can remember as children feeding ducks bread but is this good for them? In the wild you have two Read More →