The 15 Cutest Chicken Breeds: Ranked By Most Adorable

Did you know that there are over 100 different chicken breeds?

Some chickens may be feisty, some may be curious, and some are just plain cute!

Cute chickens can be small or big, and they tend to have very soft feathers and a fluffy appearance. These chickens are very cuddly and love to receive affection from their keepers.

In this article we will share with you the 15 cutest chicken breeds to add some adorableness to your backyard flock

Each of these chickens is cute in their own way, but they all differ in their needs and abilities. Some may be better egg layers, whereas others are better suited to be companions.

Keep reading to find the perfect chicken for your flock…

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15. Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Plymouth Rocks are one of the most beloved chicken breeds.

They were originally loved for their productivity as egg layers.

However, they are now loved for their friendliness and cuteness.

These chickens are cute because of the barred pattern on their feathers and their fluffy appearance.

They have unique black and white barred feathers. Both hens and roosters have barred feathers; however hens tend to have thicker black bars than the roosters.

Plymouth Rocks love to snuggle and make great lap chickens because of their soft feathers.

14. Hamburg

Hamburg Rooster

The Silver Spangled Hamburg is loved for their cute black and white spotted feathers.

This makes them look like Dalmatians.

Hamburgs are a relatively small breed with roosters and hens reaching anywhere between 4-5 pounds. They tend to hold their feathers close to their body, giving them a very graceful and clean appearance.

Do not let their appearance fool you though.

While Hamburgs are beautiful, they are not the friendliest.

They do not tend to seek out the attention of their keepers, and are not known to be very affectionate. They tend to do best when left to the company of their flock.

Hamburgs are rather flighty and nervous, but this is due in part to their cleverness and high level of predator awareness. If possible they should be left to free range where they can satisfy their curiosity through foraging.

13. Cochin

Cochin Bantam

Next on our list is the Cochin.

The Cochin has a lot of feathers that they hold very loosely from their body. This gives them a very soft and fluffy appearance which makes them one of the cutest breeds around.

Cochins are extremely easygoing, love to be snuggled, and are fantastic lap chickens since they love to be handled. They are also very gentle and do not get startled easily.

You can find them in a variety of colors ranging from black, buff, red, and white to even more ornamental varieties like silver laced. They also have feathered legs which only adds to their cuteness. Although charming you need to keep the coop very clean so that the feathers on their legs do not become matted and dirty.

Cochins handle coop life well, and since they enjoy the companionship of their keepers they are unlikely to wander away and roam.

12. Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussex

The Speckled Sussex is a gentle giant.

These chickens have a very round and fluffy appearance which makes them very cute.

Their appearance also matches their sweet personality.

Speckled Sussex are well known for being mellow and curious. They love being handled and will often follow their keepers around to get their attention. Although young children may be intimidated by their size, they are great birds to have around young children because of their gentle nature.

They are a red-mahogany color and can weigh up to 8 pounds.

If you are looking for a dependable egg layer then the Speckled Sussex is right for you. They will lay 4 to 5 eggs a week and their eggs are brown and rather large.

11. Brahma

Light Brahma Chicken

Brahmas are the largest breed on our list.

These cute chickens are gentle giants.

Brahmas come in three color varieties: dark, light, and buff. They have a lot of feathers all over their body, and tend to hold their feathers very loosely. This gives them a fluffy and cute appearance. They also have feathers that run down their legs, adding to their overall adorableness.

They are also known for being extremely sweet.

Their gentle nature makes them perfect to have around small children since they are not easily startled or frightened.

Because they are so easy-going, they tend to do well when kept in a run. However, they are happiest if given the opportunity to roam.

10. Wyandotte

Silver Wyandottes Chickens

The Wyandotte is well loved for their egg laying ability.

However, they also have a very cute appearance. The Black Laced Silver Wyandotte in particular is beautiful.

They tend to hold their feathers loosely from their body and they have a lot of feathers, giving them a cute and fluffy appearance.

Wyandottes are good egg layers and will often lay over 200 eggs per year. They will lay throughout the winter too and lay large brown eggs.

These chickens are very easy to handle and are well loved for their sweet temperament. They are very affectionate and are also talkative, which many keepers find endearing.

However, they can be a bit territorial.

You should be cautious if you are considering adding them to a pre-established flock.

9. Orpington

Buff Orpington

Orpingtons are gentle giants.

This is what makes them so adorable and endearing.

In addition to their large size they are also fluffy which only adds to their cuteness. Their large size also makes them cold hardy; however, they can struggle in the heat. You can find them in a variety of colors including black, buff, red, white, and barred.

These chickens are very sweet and easy-going.

Their friendliness has made them a popular breed that many keepers choose to have around as companions and not just as a backyard egg layer.

Orpingtons love to be snuggled and held. This sweetness only adds to their appeal as adorable chickens.

8. Easter Egger

Easter Egger Close Up

The Easter Egger is not actually a pure breed.

They are a cross between the Araucana and Ameraucana.

Easter Eggers are well known for laying beautiful colored eggs. As their name suggests, these chickens can lay blue, green, aquamarine, and even pink eggs.

In addition to laying colorful eggs, they happen to be cute!

The tufts of feathers under their beaks gives them a very cute and cuddly appearance. Because this breed has no set standard you can find them in a variety of colors, such as black, blue, white, or brown.

They are also adored for their sweet and gentle temperament. These are very happy chickens that love to receive the attention and affection of their keepers.

As curious and friendly chickens, they will also enjoy having the opportunity to free range.

7. Sebright

Close Up Sebright Chicken

The Sebright is one of the rarer breeds on this list.

Their small size and striking black and white color pattern gives them a very cute appearance.

Sebrights are true bantams and only weigh between 1-1.5 pounds.

They come in two color varieties, gold and silver. This means that the base color of their feather is either gold or silver. On the edge of each feather there is a black edge which many people find beautiful.

Sebrights are also known to be very friendly. They have a sweet and affectionate personality that makes them great pet chickens.

They handle coop life well, but should also be given space to roam because of their curious nature. They are also very sweet to watch as they forage and explore their space with a lot of curiosity.

6. Pekin

Pekin Bantam

Pekin Chickens have a cute fluffy appearance.

Their fluffy feathers line their legs all the way down to their feet which gives them a very soft and cuddly appearance. In addition to the long feathers that trail down on their legs, they also have very long tail feathers.

Pekins are also true bantams which means that they are tiny and have no larger chicken counterparts.

Hens will reach around 1.2 pounds, while roosters will often reach 1.5 pounds.

You can find them in a variety of colors, and there are even Frizzle varieties.

These chickens are best known for being sweet and docile. If they are handled regularly and safely from a young age, they could also become great lap chickens and companions.

Just remember to keep their feet and feathers clean and dry to prevent fungal infections and bumblefoot.

5. Barbu D’Uccle

Barbu DUccles Bantam Chicken

The Barbu D’Uccle is a very cute breed of chicken.

They have colorful spots on their feathers, including their short feathered-legs. Their feathers are a rusty red color, with black iridescent flecks and white tips. This almost gives them the pattern of a leopard or a jaguar.

This is also a relatively small chicken, which for many keepers adds to their cuteness.

Like lots of other chickens in this list, they are beloved for their friendliness too.

Barbu D’Uccles are known for being sweet and they are extremely affectionate with their keepers.

Hens will lay around 3 to 4 eggs a week. Their eggs are typically small, and white or tinted. Because these chickens are generally cold hardy, they will continue to lay throughout the winter too.

4. Polish

White Crested Black Polish

Next on our list is the Polish chicken.

These chickens are known to be cute because of the crown of feathers on their head.

Polish Chickens definitely stand out from the crowd, as their crest of feathers can grow to almost cover their entire head. Although these feathers look beautiful, they do require a certain amount of care to keep them clean and trimmed.

The most common color varieties are the silver, buff, and blue laced; however, there are more than 10 color varieties.

As well as their beautiful feathers, they are known for their friendly and sweet disposition.

They have a calm temperament and love the companionship of their keepers as well as their fellow flock mates.

Polish Chickens handle coop life well, but should be given space to roam in a fenced area. Since they can be flighty, do not expect them to be the most adventurous chicken.

3. Faverolle

Salmon Faverolle Outside

The Faverolle is one of the cutest chicken breeds around.

Faverolle hens are a light salmon color and have a cute ruff of feathers under their beak, as well as feathered legs.

They have a very sweet and gentle personality that will make you fall in love with them. They are known as little clowns because of their curiosity and chattiness. Faverolles are easily handled and love to be cuddled and snuggled.

Their gentleness also makes them a great choice for families with children.

Faverolles lay about 3 to 4 eggs a week. Their eggs are medium to large in size and are a tinted white to light tan color. These chickens are generally cold hardy, and do better in coop settings rather than being fully free range.

2. Frizzle

Japanese Bantam Frizzle

The Frizzle Chicken is cute because of their frizzy and curly feathers.

These curly feathers cover their entire body and give them a unique appearance.

Frizzles can come in many different colors and patterns.

They have a sweet and easygoing personality. They are also very chatty and are known to be talkative.

You need to remember though that these chickens need special care because their feathers are very delicate and can break easily. They cannot handle the cold well, and do not do well when wet, so it is important that they have dry, insulated coops year round.

Also because they are gentle and submissive you cannot keep them around more dominant chicken breeds.

1. Silkie

Brown Silkie Chickens

Silkies are one of the cutest chicken breeds because of their small size, and their beautiful, fluffy, and soft plumage.

They come in a variety of feather colors and have black bodies. They are also adorable to look at because of the fluffy crown of feathers on their head which adds to their soft appearance.

These chickens are sweet and friendly.

They love receiving attention from their keepers and love to sit and snuggle, or be carried around. They also enjoy attention from children which makes them a great family chicken. Just keep in mind that because they are so gentle they are likely to get bullied by more aggressive breeds.

If you are looking for a good egg layer then the Silkie is not for you. They are not good egg layers and will lay about 3 eggs per week.

Which Cute Chicken Is Right For You?

There are so many chicken breeds out there that vary in temperament, needs, size, color and even general appearance.

In this article we shared the 15 cutest chicken breeds.

Each breed has their own unique needs, so it is important to consider what you can offer for each chicken, and how your lifestyle and their needs fit together.

Thinking of these things ahead of time will make sure that you find your perfect chicken match.

Hopefully this list provides a starting point for you as you decide which breed is best suited to be your next flock member.

Which breed of chicken do you think is the cutest?

Let us know in the comments section below…

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