Top 10 Largest Chicken Breeds

Chickens come in a wide variety of sizes.

While most breeds weigh around 6 pounds, large chicken breeds can weigh anywhere from 8-15 pounds.

Some of the most popular large breeds are Orpingtons and Brahmas. These gentle giants are beautiful so it is not hard to see why so many people choose to add them to their flock. However, there are lots of other large chicken breeds out there.

In this article we share 10 of the largest chicken breeds in the world.

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10. Orpington

Orpington Chicken

Although they are the smallest breed on this list, Orpington hens will still reach an impressive 8 pounds. Orpington roosters can weigh 10 pounds and stand at 16 inches tall.

They have large wide bodies that appear even bigger due to the extreme fluffiness of their feathers. Everyone will enjoy hugging this soft, giant chicken.

Just remember to watch their weight. They love to eat, and Orpingtons can put on so much extra weight, that they develop health issues and stopp laying eggs!

Not only is this breed big but they will also serve your family well. Orpingtons possess all of the traits that anyone could possibly desire in a dual-purpose hen.

Hens will give you a fresh supply of 3-5 medium-sized eggs each week.

  • Weight: 8-10 pounds
  • Height: 16 inches

9. Australorp

Large Australorp

The Australorp is the Australian version of the beloved English Orpington.

Just like the Orpington they are the perfect beginner-friendly breed; however, Australorps are slightly taller.

These are some of the biggest heritage breeds and can weigh up to 8 pounds.

Although they can be a little shy at first, they are very friendly and will warm up to you given time. Plus, she has all of the best qualities of the Orpington and then some! They are one of the best egg-layers around. Australia is so proud of this breed that they made her their National Chicken.

  • Weight: 8-10 pounds
  • Height: 17 inches

8. Cornish

Big Cornish Chicken Pullet

The Cornish chicken is somewhat less fluffy than the breeds we have discussed so far, but what they lack in fluff they make up for in muscle! This is a stocky breed with a shortened neck and a very muscular build.

It takes a Cornish chicken 7 months to reach their full size of 11 pounds.

Despite their large size, they have short legs and a short wide body that is quite compact.

  • Weight: 10.5-11 pounds
  • Height: 16 inches

7. Cochin

A Cochin

The Cochin is another well-loved breed.

These gentle giants are best known for being incredibly fluffy.

Who would not want to keep their own giant, cuddly chicken?

Although all this fluff makes them appear slightly larger than they really are, they are still a big breed. Cochins can weigh up to 11 pounds and reach 22 inches tall.

Cochins are incredibly popular but taking care of a chicken this size is not for everyone. As a truly large breed they take up much more space than smaller chickens. They also love to eat and this can take a toll on your budget.

  • Weight: 8-11 pounds
  • Height: 15-22 inches

6. German Langshan

There are a handful of different Langshan varieties.

The German Langshan is the tallest of them all and is actually quite rare within the United States.

Despite their rarity, these chickens are well-known for their height. The roosters can reach an amazing height of up to 32 inches, making them the second tallest chicken on this list. The heaviest of the German Langshan roosters weigh about 9.5 pounds, with hens coming in a few pounds lighter.

Their eggs are on the larger size, and they lay a decent amount of them which makes the hens quite useful to have around.

  • Weight: 6.5-9.5 pounds
  • Height: 24-32 inches

5. Maline

A Large Maline

This beautiful Belgian breed was created when the native Flemish Cuckoo was bred with every large breed of chicken available in Belgium during the late 1800s.

These breeds included Langshans, Cochins, and Brahmas.

Breeding efforts went much better than expected and the project created a new breed that was somehow bigger than all of the other breeds used in its creation.

The largest Malines weigh over 12 pounds!

These chickens are known for laying a good amount of large tan-colored eggs. They are also perfect for beginners due to their calm and easygoing temperament.

  • Weight: Up to 12 pounds
  • Height: Unknown

4. Brahma

Largest Brahma Breed

Brahmas are known as the gentle giants of the chicken world.

They can weigh up to 10 pounds and reach 30 inches tall.

Brahmas are actually smaller today than they were 100 years ago. There are tales of some roosters weighing up to 18 pounds! This earned them the nickname, King of Chickens.

Since the 1900s Brahmas have slowly shrunk. This is because farmers moved their time and resources into breeding faster-growing meat breeds instead like the Cornish Cross. As a result there was not as much effort put into maintaining the Brahmas’ gene pool.

Even if they are smaller than they once were, modern Brahmas are still powerful and majestic chickens.

  • Weight: 8-12 pounds
  • Height: 30 inches

3. Dong Tao

Dong Tao

The Dong Tao has been nicknamed the Dragon Chicken.

They got this nickname because of their large, scaly legs that can be as thick as a human’s forearm! Their legs are not the only thing that is huge about them. Roosters can weigh up 13 pounds, and hens can weigh an impressive 10 pounds.

Dong Tao chickens originally came from Vietnam and were loved by ancient royalty.

They still have a royal price tag today and a breeding pair costs about $2,500! Because of this they made our most expensive chicken breeds in the world article.

  • Weight: 10-13 pounds
  • Height: Unknown

2. Malay

Malays are the tallest chicken breed in the world!

They are best known for their unique upright body, long legs and extended neck. This gives them a height advantage over most over chickens, allowing some individuals to reach over 3 feet tall.

Because of their height they are commonly known as the Towering Chicken.

They appear quite lean at first glance but roosters can weigh up to 11 pounds.

Their size makes them very confident and even arrogant at times. The Malay has no problems about asserting their dominance over smaller breeds. However, their extreme height does come with some disadvantages. Hens can struggle to fit into regular-sized nesting boxes. This can make brooding difficult for them and is why most Malay eggs are hatched in an incubator.

  • Weight: 9-11 pounds
  • Height: 26-36 inches

1. Jersey Giant

Jersey Giant

The Jersey Giant is the largest chicken breed in the world.

Both the roosters and hens are massive, weighing in at a whopping 13-15 pounds and 11 pounds respectively. These giant chickens are also taller than the majority of other breeds. The tallest roosters can reach 26 inches tall!

Jersey Giants are slow growers and it requires a lot of patience and feed for them to reach their full size. Once they mature you can expect the hens to lay 2-4 eggs each week.

  • Weight: 11-15 pounds
  • Height: 16-26 inches

Which Large Chicken Is Right For You?

Did any of the largest chicken breeds in the world catch your eye?

If so there are a few things to consider before adding a large chicken to your flock.

Bigger chickens come with a bigger cost.

Not only do they need larger coops and nesting boxes, but they also eat more food. So you need to budget for this before bringing them home.

Your large chickens will also require some extra care.

They are more prone to foot issues such as pressure sores and bumblefoot.

This is because these chickens are very heavy and have a lot of pressure on their feet. You should routinely inspect their feet and the way they walk. This will allow you to catch and resolve any foot problems early before they become serious.

You should monitor your chicken’s weight to make sure they stay at a healthy weight.

Lots of large chicken breeds put on weight easily and are more prone to weight issues.

Although this may seem like a lot of work, many large chicken owners feel that the added responsibilities are worth it for the joy that their large chickens bring them!

Big chickens occupy an equally large space within our hearts, so we hope you enjoyed learning about the biggest of them.

Has our list helped you find the perfect large chicken breed for your flock?

Let us know in the comments section below…

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