The Wonderful World of Chicken Toys: And Our Top 5 Picks

Raising chickens goes far beyond simply waiting for those fresh eggs to collect in the morning. It’s an art, a responsibility, and a joy to see our feathery friends leading fulfilling lives.

Hens freely foraging in the grass in the garden

A common oversight in chicken care is providing mental and physical stimulation. Like our household pets, chickens can experience periods of boredom, leading to unfavorable behaviors. Thankfully, there exists a solution: chicken toys. While toys are NOT essential to your chickens’ welfare, they can be helpful!

Understanding the Importance of Enrichment

Before we delve into the specifics of the toys, it’s vital to understand why enrichment is important. At their core, chickens are curious creatures with sharp instincts. In the wild, they would spend a significant portion of their day foraging, exploring, and interacting with their environment.

These natural behaviors can be restricted in confinement, especially if they don’t have a vast space to roam. Enrichment toys act as substitutes, offering them avenues to express these instincts.

Key Benefits of Chicken Toys

  • Reduced Misdirected Pecking: A major concern with confined chickens is their tendency to misdirect their pecking/foraging behavior to each other. This misdirection of behavior often manifests as pecking at other birds, leading to injuries. Enrichment toys can serve as a distraction and focus for this behavior, leading to a more harmonious environment.
  • Enhanced Foraging: Toys that dispense or hide treats can stimulate their intrinsic foraging instincts. They not only keep them occupied but also ensures they’re mentally engaged.
  • Mental Stimulation: Chickens, though not given due credit, have a reasonable level of intelligence. They love challenges and puzzles. Toys can provide this mental stimulation, keeping their minds sharp.
  • Physical Exercise: The importance of physical health can’t be overstated. Toys, especially those requiring movement or engagement, ensure your chickens remain active and healthy.
  • Reduced Stress: A stressed chicken can lead to numerous problems, including a drop in egg production. Enrichment chicken toys can be a source of comfort and distraction, leading to more relaxed and happy birds.
Chickens foraging on the ground with swings in the background

Top 5 Chicken Toys

      1. Chicken Pecking Toy: This is more than a simple ball. It’s a tool that encourages their natural instincts. As they peck, treats dispense, making it both a game and a reward system.
      2.Hanging Xylophone Toy: This isn’t just about making music. The bright colors attract the chickens, and as they peck, they’re rewarded with melodic sounds, adding an auditory dimension to their environment.
      3. Mirror Toy: Chickens are innately curious. A mirror provides endless entertainment as they gaze, peck, and interact with their reflection, thinking it’s another bird.
      4.Treat Ball: More than a simple ball, it’s an interactive toy. Filled with treats, it becomes a movable feast. Chickens must strategize to get their rewards, invoking their mental and physical faculties.
      5. Foraging Feeder Toy: While not exclusively a chicken toy, this mat slows down the eating process and may help keep pecking directed at the floor and not at other chickens. It is a combination of a treat dispenser and foraging mat. This toy encourages natural behaviors, making the act of feeding both fun and instinctual.
      Bonus: This chicken toy set has a variety of toys to try out and would be a more economical choice than buying each toy individually.

DIY Chicken Toy Ideas

Innovation is the key when it comes to DIY solutions. With a bit of creativity, you can make engaging and economical toys.

      1. Stringed Veggies: A simple yet effective tool. Hang strings of vegetables, like cucumbers or lettuce, from the coop’s roof. Chickens will enjoy the challenge of jumping and pecking, ensuring they’re active while also getting a tasty snack.
      2. PVC Treat Dispenser: A bit more complex, but worth the effort. With strategic holes in PVC pipes, you can create a treat dispenser. Chickens will spend hours figuring out how to access those delicious rewards.
      3. Mirror Wall: If you have old compact mirrors or unbroken shards, attach them inside the coop. Their interactions with these mirrors can be a source of endless entertainment.
A fun silly portrait of fluffy chicken admiring itself in mirror
      4. Swinging Perch: Think of it as a playground swing for your chickens. Using a sturdy branch a or piece of wood and some ropes, create a perch that moves, making it both a resting place and a toy.
      5. Treat-filled Egg Carton: An egg carton, which we often discard, can be a treasure trove for chickens. Fill it up with treats and watch as they strategize on accessing them.
      Bonus:If you are really handy you can try your hand at chickens playgrounds like this one from Instructables.
Photo Credit: Instructables by Jadem52


In conclusion, raising chickens isn’t just about the tangible benefits they bring, like eggs, but ensuring they lead rich, fulfilling lives. Enrichment toys, whether purchased or homemade, are more than mere distractions.

They’re tools that cater to our flock’s physical, mental, and emotional needs. By investing in these, you can be helping them have a happier, healthier life for your birds. In turn, they’ll reward you with their productivity and affection. After all, a happy chicken is a productive chicken. Happy pecking!

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Chris Lesley has been Raising Chickens for over 20 years and is a fourth generation chicken keeper. She can remember being a young child when her grandad first taught her how to hold and care for chickens. She also holds a certificate in Animal Behavior and Welfare and is interested in backyard chicken health and care.

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