4 Best Walk-In Chicken Coops: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

A chicken coop is one of the most important parts of raising healthy and happy chickens.

Walk-in chicken coops offer your chickens an off the ground coop, external nesting boxes and high roosts. These are features not commonly found with traditional coops.

They also make it much easier for you to access and clean the coop.

Are you looking to switch to a walk-in coop?

There are several different types of walk-in coops, so in this article we are going to take a look at them and help you decide which one best suits your needs…

Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop

Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop

This coop is perfect for small flocks that are looking for a secure and easy to access coop.

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The Best 4 Walk-In Chicken Coops

Editor’s Picks Brand Our Rating
The Best Coop Aivituvin’s Large Walk-in Chicken Coop 4.5
The Best Run GiantEX Large Metal Walk-in Chicken Run 4.4
Runner Up Coop Coops & Feathers Large Walk-in Chicken Coop 4.0
Best Large Coop OverEZ Large Walk-In Chicken Coop 4.0

The Best Coop: Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop

Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop

Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop

This coop is perfect for small flocks that are looking for a secure and easy to access coop.

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Welcome to Aivituvin’s Large Walk-in Chicken Coop. This coop can comfortably fit up to 4 chickens and is made from solid wood. It is built for safety and is completely fox and coyote proof thanks to its reinforced galvanized mesh. The coop measures just under 4 feet in height and has interior and exterior space equipped with 2 roosting perches and a nesting area. There is also a pull-out tray board right under the perches which makes cleaning up easy.


  • Reinforced galvanized mesh to stop predators.
  • Easy to assemble with simple instructions.
  • Pull-out tray boards for easy cleaning.
  • Coop wood is treated.


  • Only 4 feet tall.
  • Coop does not come pre-assembled.
  • Suitable for only 4 chickens.

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The Best Run: GiantEX Large Metal Walk-in Chicken Run

GiantEX Large Metal Walk-in Chicken Run

GiantEX Large Metal Walk-in Chicken Run

Suitable for those looking for a sturdy yet simple walk-in run for daytime use only.

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The GiantEX Large Metal Walk-in Chicken Run gives your chickens the opportunity to have virtually unrestricted outside time without having to worry about predators on the ground and from the sky alike. This is a walk-in run which means your chickens will still need a separate coop during the night. The run is incredibly simple to assemble and only takes 20-30 minutes to complete. It is made from galvanized steel which makes it easy to clean and less susceptible to rust. Finally, it also comes with a waterproof and UV protectant cloth cover to protect your chickens from the sun, rain, and snow.


  • Very simple to assemble.
  • Contains a cover with UV protection.
  • Made from durable galvanized steel.
  • Very good at stopping aerial predators.


  • Only for daytime use.
  • Not suitable for harsh weather.
  • Does not include nesting boxes.

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Runner Up Coop: Coops & Feathers Large Walk-in Chicken Coop

Coops & Feathers Walk-in Chicken Coop

Coops & Feathers Walk-in Chicken Coop

A large and sturdy walk-in coop that includes external nesting boxes and is perfect for up to 10 chickens.

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The Coops & Feathers Large Walk-in Chicken Coop is one of the larger on this list and certainly gives your backyard flock plenty of room, be it to stretch, explore, or just relax. It can easily accommodate 10 regular sized chickens or 14 bantams. Both the coop and run are easy to walk into which makes cleaning them a breeze. This coop also comes with 6 external nesting boxes. Unfortunately, though, the coop does not come with any flooring or insulation and their windows have no covering if you would like to open them.


  • Comes with external nesting boxes.
  • Hardware wire in the run for predator protection.
  • Large coop suitable for 10 chickens.


  • Does not include insulation.
  • Coop comes with no flooring.
  • Windows are not covered.

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Best Large Coop: OverEZ Large Walk-In Chicken Coop

OverEZ Large Walk-In Chicken Coop

OverEZ Large Walk-In Chicken Coop

A great walk-in coop that includes flooring, a ventilation system, and external nesting boxes.

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The OverEZ Large Walk-In Chicken Coop is best known for its ventilation system; insulated, resin-coated wood; and, most of all, its capacity. This coop has the space to hold up to 15 chickens and is over 6 feet tall. It also has a great ventilation system allowing for constant air flow starting from either one of the 2 screen windows or side vents and through its 5 separate nesting boxes. Finally, the coop also has flooring which helps prevent predators from digging underneath the coop.


  • Over 6 feet tall.
  • Holds up to 15 chickens.
  • Easy maintenance with resin coated wood.
  • Comes with 5 external nesting boxes.


  • Wood is not treated.
  • Takes a while to assemble.

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Why Should You Get A Walk-In Chicken Coop

Walk-In Chicken Coop and Run

Just like Automatic Chicken Coop Doors, the main reason people get a walk-in chicken coop is convenience.

Traditional chicken coops can quite literally be a pain in the back. They require a lot of bending down to clean and keep tidy. These are a great way to avoid any strain to your back when you attempt to clean and maintain the coop, and also when performing simple tasks such as feeding and watering.

This style of coop is also safer than a traditional coop.

Inside these taller coops you can set their roosts up high. This means your chickens can distance themselves from any potential predators that manage to break into the coop.

Next up are the health benefits.

Small and cramped spaces are not good for your chickens and can lead to a host of health issues.

These coops give your chickens more space which reduces issues like bullying and improves biosecurity. Larger coops like this generally have better ventilation which helps reduce climate related issues such as heat stroke and frostbite.

Walk-in coops are also easier to maintain.

Their ease of access for keepers makes them much easier to check up on and maintain compared to coops that require you to crawl on all fours.

Easier maintenance also means that walk-in coops last a great deal longer than traditional coops. Easy access to the coop means that you can reach those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies and keep everywhere clean and free from mold and parasites.

What To Know Before Buying A Walk-In Chicken Coop

Although these coops are a great option for first time keepers, trying to find the right coop to buy can be overwhelming.

However, there are a few things to consider when buying a walk-in chicken coop.

Here they are:

  1. Ease of Access: You should measure the internal height of your walk-in coop to make sure it is tall enough for you to access. Your walk-in coop should let you comfortably look after your chickens and keep their coop clean. The extra height is also a bonus because it allows your flock to distance themselves easily if predators were to find themselves in or around the coop.
  2. External Nesting Boxes: Most walk-in coops have external nesting boxes. Although this is not entirely necessary, it does make collecting eggs much easier. A nesting box placed on the exterior wall of your coop saves you not only time and hassle, but also stops your shoes from getting chicken poop over them! Also, external nesting boxes stop your hens from roosting on them so it gives you one less surface that needs cleaning. Make sure to check if your coop will have internal or external nesting boxes.
  3. Easy to Clean: Before purchasing the coop you should consider how easy it is to clean. As a general rule, taller coops are easier to clean. Some walk-in coops also have removable floors which makes it easy to clean your coop and replace any bedding you may be using. Features like this mean that regular cleaning is not a source of frustration.
  4. Build Quality: A good quality coop is crucial for protecting your flock from bad weather and predators. You should make sure that the wood used for the coop is not lightweight and flimsy. As a general rule of thumb the coop panels should not be any thinner than a quarter inch. The wood should be treated with a non-toxic preservative or heat to help with durability and longevity. Plastic should be avoided as it is also easy for some predators to chew through. Buying a sturdier coop may cost you more upfront but it will save you from having to buy a new coop after only a couple of years.

Read Chicken Coops: What To Know Before Buying for more.

Walk-In Chicken Coop

Common Problems with Walk-In Chicken Coops

Perhaps the most common problem with a walk-in chicken coop is actually buying one.

These coops are quite expensive (especially the ones with added features). Finding the right one at the right price will take some significant research and dedication!

You should also know that many of these coops do not come pre-assembled and backyard flock keepers are tasked with assembling their coop themselves.

This can be difficult as walk-in coops are much taller and heavier than traditional coops.

In all likelihood you will need to buy additional supplies such as ladders to assemble the coop. This can make a significant dent in your wallet after already purchasing the actual coop.

Although these shortcomings are hard to overlook, the comfort and health of your chickens should be the priority. Once all is said and done, you will have a coop both you and your chickens can hang out in!

Alternatives to Walk-In Chicken Coops

There are actually only three different types of chicken coops out there.

  1. Stationary Coops
  2. Chicken Tractors
  3. Small Coops

Walk-in chicken coops would fall under the category of stationary coops and they are the most common type of backyard chicken coop.

As their name suggests, once a stationary coop is assembled it is too heavy, intricate, and large to move. These coops typically have a higher capacity and have many additional features such as roosting ledges and nesting boxes.

Chicken tractors have a smaller, enclosed hen house as well as a larger, fenced off run that allows chickens access to the outside for foraging. Although this sounds awfully similar to a stationary coop, the chicken tractor is assembled on top of wheels.

They are a good alternative for those with a backyard flock that loves to forage and will quickly turn a patch of grass into mud before you know it.

The last type of chicken coop is the small coop.

These coops are a perfect alternative for those with a smaller flock. Just like chicken tractors, small coops can be moved if necessary due to the light material they are often made from.

Small coops are pretty simple as far as design goes and they are often made from plastic. Some can be open in a yard while others may be attached to a fenced-in run. One thing that all small coops share is a simple design to confine chickens in at night if there are predators around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people get walk-in chicken coops?

People buy walk-in chicken coops because they are easy to clean, accessible, and have a spacious design. They also have additional features, such as external nesting boxes and roosting poles, that traditional coops tend not to have.

How tall are walk-in chicken coops?

They come in a wide variety of heights and can be anywhere from 4 to 8 feet tall.


Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop

Aivituvin Walk-in Chicken Coop

This coop is perfect for small flocks that are looking for a secure and easy to access coop.

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Deciding where to house your chickens as a first-time backyard flock keeper can be stressful!

Hopefully after reading this article you are now able to decide if a walk-in coop is right for your flock.

Not having to crawl to check on and feed your chickens or clean their bedding is enough to convince most backyard flock keepers to make the switch to a walk-in chicken coop. Not to mention the added leg room for your chickens!

This extra space not only makes your flock happier but helps to avoid antisocial behaviors including bullying and feather picking.

Remember that height, ease of access, maintenance and quality are the main factors that need to be considered when buying one of these coops.

Did you make the switch to a walk-in chicken coop?

Let us know in the comments section below…

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